De vulgari eloquentia / english version

I think it’s a good idea to tell you about my works. I’m not trying to explain, I’m trying to reveal what it’s hidden behind them. Today I will tell you about “De vulgari eloquentia”, which is included in the MYTOPIA series and was used as poster for my exhibition in Lisbon, on the 30th of July 2011.

De vulgari eloquentia

As the title says, “about eloquence in vulgarity”, the artwork was inspired from the homonymous writing by Dante Alighieri. In the beginning Dante had conceived it as an essay and finally wanted it as writing in four volumes, but he has stopped at the half of the second. In principle it was written in Latin and it’s about the transition from the use of Latin in Italian by blending it with the vernacular, the vulgar language used by simple people. In Dante’s opinion, language is a living body, constantly changing and developing, hence the image created by me.

In my artwork, Latin is represented by the statue of marble, while the new language is born and alive and is trying to leave the arms of the old language, yet relying on it.

I actually used this metaphor to illustrate the changes that we pass in various stages of life and the way we struggle to break away from the past. And the past is cold and still while the newborn is dynamic and expressive, hence the movement, the dance, the rustle…

“De vulgari eloquentia” is realized in the photo alteration method starting from six different photos, processed in various digital and manual techniques.

There are limited editions (Lamba Prints) of 25 prints, 50×70 cm, and of 10 prints, 70×100 cm, signed, dated and numbered, accompanied by the Certificate of Authenticity.

“De vulgari eloquentia” was realized in November 2010. Details regarding purchase are offered HERE.

De vulgari eloquentia

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