About Beauty and Divinity

divine beauty

“He who is free may be fool, stupid, repulsive, wretched, just because he is free, but is never ridiculous. The free man has dimension as a human being” Phillip Roth

Beauty and Divinity…. pretty hard to talk about, although clearly they have much in common, at least in the mind of those who believe in both. During the times we tried to relate Beauty to Divinity, for the simple reason that we found it difficult to explain the feeling we have in front of beauty or maybe we are ashamed to admit that beauty has stirred not really immaculate feelings. Nerve centres of admiration and of sexuality are very close to each other between the crowded synapses of our brain, that’s why it’s more simple to explain the excitation we feel when we meet beauty, through divine light which cleans the sensation of hidden guilty desire.

Hmmm, guilty? Perhaps, in a world dominated by dogmas and false meanings imperceptibly inherited, a world that we are tired to understand and we accept it as it is.Our world became a sort of already too long chewed gum, which doesn’t have much flavour and taste, so we feel sometimes the jaws clenched toghether, without understanding why.

Beauty… It is everywhere around us, everything is painfully beautiful from the moment you succede to spit the tasteless chewing gum that you are absently masticating… and you miraculously realize how beautiful everyting is….

light smile

It remains one danger… Not to get crazy because too much beauty tires our dull mud-filled brains, you can fight against it only to the extent that you believe that, right in that moment you are in heaven. It might not be exactly like imagined, but believe me, what you know is nothing but a feeling induced by the very moment of death of million of people before you….there’s nothing there…

Beauty is the only here perceived by our bizarre senses… I think sometimes about the days when the spirit was free, before being restricted by the false shame and conformity, before the christianism and the pagan man alteration (seen as a free man) into a weak and helpless being, so easily dominated by the senses. Why? Because free people are powerful and therefore they must be mastered… And how else can you accomplish that if not by impregnated them with fear and reluctance in front of undetermined powers and of a implacable course of life.


I’m bored to believe doubtfully explained abstract notions, I obey the real divine beauty of believing in myself…Me, my personal God… as everyone is, consciously or not, his own god…

“ Something, someone, a spirit followed us all through the desert of life and had to catch us before we touch paradise. Of course, if I think about that know, it’s certainly Death: Death will catch up us before our arrival. The only thing we crave during our life, that make us sigh, groan and bear disgusts of all kinds is the remembrance of a lost supreme happiness, probably felt only inside mother’s womb and never again through our life journey (although we hate the thought) until the moment we die ” Kerouac…  words about the primordial happiness… Words related to the happiness we don’t know if we have ever experienced, but we feel it somewhere hidden in us, but unfortunately impossibly to reach inside.

Kerouac was a sad human being, behind the turmoil and the love of never ending roads… Maybe there’s sadness hidden in me too… why?… I don’t know… I have no reason…

5 responses


  2. I’m an old man. But nothing makes me feel better than an image of a young girl smiling.

    04/10/2011 at 12:34 AM

    • Older we are but smiles of young girls are eternal:)….welcome David….

      04/10/2011 at 1:53 PM

  3. Really interesting, powerful & thought-provoking piece – and your photos are fantastic. Delighted to discover your blog -I look forward to future posts!

    06/05/2012 at 6:59 PM

    • Thanks for your visit, Amanda… I’ve seen your blog and i really appreciate your delicate drawings!…keep in touch!

      07/05/2012 at 10:15 AM

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