Photo Studio

Dear Friends, it is my pleasure to let you know about a great opportunity for Photo lovers. If you like to have a beautiful picture of you or your beloved this is the place where your image will be empowered. If you are a photographer and you are looking for a professional studio environment, we have the answer.

theArtBase Photo Studio is conveniently located in Bucharest Central Area on Traian Street, near Foisorul de Foc.
For photo shots, our rooms allows plenty of space to photograph anyone from the tiniest baby to groups. Outfitted with the latest in digital technology, sophisticated lighting and creative props, our resources for creating the perfect image are limitless.

All our photographers are professionally trained, full-time photographers who become familiar with their subjects prior to each session and then afterwards they work directly with guests to choose the final images.
Our studio is also available for rent by day or half-day for professional photographers or photo lovers.

All of us at theArtBase are proud of our facility as well as the work that we produce. We hope you will stop by soon for a visit.
For details, please do not hesitate to contact us.

dan portfolio

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