Pentru română, vă rugăm mai jos

Wherever you are I hope you enjoy browsing my LIMITED EDITION print collection. Whether you are buying for yourself, as a gift, for your home or for your office, I am always happy to offer help in your buying decisions should you need it. If you’d like to see a piece before you make the final decision, this can easily be arranged at my Studio (call first +40 740 616 919).
You could also send an email and we will get back to you.  []

We use for print the Lambda Print Process.
Please be aware that although we use calibrated monitors to ensure that our prints are accurately represented, your monitor or graphics card may show slight differences in colour. This is true for all images on the web, and so you should take not that the specific tones and hues in your actual print may vary from the images seen on this website.
All the prints are signed, numbered, dated and come together with an Authenticity Certificate, sign by the artist.



Lambda Printing
Lambda Prints are quite simply photographic technology taken to a state of perfection. A Lambda print will be much better in terms of sharpness, clarity, colour saturation and quality than any other photographic or inkjet print process.
Lambda printing gives true continuous tone, ultra sharp photographic images with crisp and precise edge to edge printing and absolutely no distortion.
Lambda photographic technology has taken over from the traditional photographic process and uses three lasers merged into a single beam to expose images on to photosensitive materials up to 1270 mm (50 inches) in width, producing the whole image in a single pass. The photosensitive material is then internally “wet” processed in the same manner as traditional photography.
Lambda Prints are ideally suited to any circumstance where the finest quality photographic images are required.


In speranta ca va plac lucrarile mele, care pot fi vizionate in Colectia de Print in editie limitata, va anunt ca exista posibilitatea achizitionarii acestora. Daca va place o lucrare, aceasta poate fi cumparata foarte simplu, trimitandu-mi un mail [] sau sunand in prealabil, pentru a verifica daca lucrarea mai exista in stoc sau s-a epuizat. [+40740616919]


Pentru print folosim procedeul Lambda Print, un procedeu bazat pe clasica tehnolgie de impresie fotografica, caz in care filmul traditional a fost inlocuit cu o proiectie laser. Datorita acestei proceduri, in print nu apare punctul de raster, calitatea fiind aproape de perfectiune. Avand in vedere ca lucrarile le vizionati pe monitor, pot apare diferente inerente de culoare, din cauza calibarii monitorului dvs.

Toate lucrarile sunt semnate, datate si inseriate si sunt vandute insotite de un certificat de autenticitate, semnat de artist.


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