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Flori / Flowers la Caminul Artei

From the earliest depictions, passing through Durer or Georgia O’Keeffe Poppies or Warhol’s colored minimal flowers motifs to the nowadays Adrian Ghenie’s Sunflowers, flowers, barren landscapes and close-up still lifes have become a part of the mythology and iconography of the artistic landscape, here and there, now and then, for poor and rich, stupid or smart. Eight ambitious Romanian artists, with different ages, different backgrounds, differents approaches, meet at “Caminul Artei ” for a collective exhibition a rebours. They mean to express the same old theme in a contemporary way, using whatever materials and techniques they choose. Their consensus is the idea of Flower and the deadline on the 24 th of February 2017. We invite all of you at Patricia Teodorescu, Andreea Albani, Eugen Raportoru, Dragos Bojin, Adrian Dica, Razvan Nastase, Daniel Rosca and Dan St Andrei’s exhibition until 2nd of March 2017.

Curator: Diana Andrei

De la primele reprezentari, trecand prin Durer sau macii lui Georgia O’Keeffe sau motivele florale minimale colorate ale lui Andy Warhol pana la deja celebrele flori ale soarelui ale lui Adrian Ghenie, florile, simplele peisaje si naturile statice au devenit parte din mitologia si iconografia reprezentarilor artistice, acum si atunci, aici si acolo, pentru oamenii saraci sau bogati, instruiti sau nu. Opt artisti romani ambitiosi, cu varste, experienta, abordari si stiluri diferite, se intalnesc la “Caminul Artei” pentru o expozitie colectiva work-in- progress à rebours, utilizand orice materiale si tehnici isi doresc, tinand cont doar de tema aleasa si deadline. Va invitam pe 24 februarie 2017 la vernisajul expozitiei artistilor Patricia Teodorescu, Andreea Albani, Eugen Raportoru, Dragos Bojin, Adrian Dica, Razvan Nastase, Daniel Rosca si Dan St Andrei.


About Fine Art Photography, again


Sometimes, my photography  is just a reaction to something that’s just happened and all the issues I address are within myself, setting scenes and stories and concluding into a sort of narrative imagery. It is like a reportage from a world that exist only in my mind. Photography is an art of observation but also a result of personal imagination. I deeply agree with Ansel Adams: “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”


But more then that, I use to work on photos, using the computer but also sketching and painting onto, to transform and modify the original image parameters till the image loose the photographic qualities and become more closely to painting. If Susan Sontag said that “the painter constructs, the photographer discloses”, I prefer to disclose the construction of my images.


The camera and the computer are just the instruments that help me to reveal the unknown. When people look at my pictures I want them to feel them like reading a novel in a peaceful place, far away from the crowded and noisy city. Even if they look at it for a second I hope the viewers will find enough reasons to think about and remembering.